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The environment in which we work is constantly changing due to economic factors, changes in legislation affecting businesses, and changes to District Plan provisions. These changes affect both our staff and our clients, the way we do business, and how these factors link together.

Over the last 30 years, Birch Surveyors Ltd has ensured that it continually adapts to new challenges, employs the right people at the right time and with the necessary skills. The Directors also ensure that staff are equipped with the most modern field and office equipment and the latest technology, and that vehicles, computers and software is renewed on a regular basis.

Birch Surveyors offers a wide range of services, and the people they connect with come from all walks of life. Some are familar with the services we offer and others just know they need to talk to someone about a land issue, or a subdivision matter. We aim to ensure that our staff are highly qualified and familar with most aspects of our business. They are encouraged to regularly upskill their knowledge and undergo new training where appropriate. Our graduate training programme ensures we regularly employ new graduates who come to us with new ideas and great enthusiasm.

A brief profile of our key professional staff who will lead your project follows.


Kevin BirchKevin Birch


09 237 0780



Kevin Birch

Kevin graduated from Otago University with a Bachelor of Surveying, and after completing post graduate experience, became a licensed Surveyor and established the Company now known as Birch Surveyors in 1989. He has grown the Company from humble beginnings to it's present staff of 25 employees. He undertook post graduate training in a Diploma of Environmental Management, and spent 9 years as a Councillor on the Franklin District Council. He served on the Board of Enterprise Franklin, The Arts Trust and the Family Support Centre, as well as a Trustee of Buckland Primary School. Kevin was appointed as a Justice of the Peace in 1998 and provides JP services to the community.

Kevin's primary role is in the Company administration and development, while offering mentoring and Resource Management and Business advice to the team, and clients.

Kevin has three adult daughters, four grandchildren and lives with his wife, Liz on a small farmlet in Buckland.



Sir WilliamRt Hon. Sir William Birch


09 237 0787



Rt Hon. Sir William Birch

After concluding an illustrious career in Parliament spanning 27 years, Sir William took up his Surveying tools once again and in 2000 commenced working with Birch Surveyors as a consultant. He had originally established a Surveying practice in Pukekohe in 1957 and played a key role in the development and growth of Pukekohe and the surrounding areas in the 1960's and early 1970's, both as a surveyor and a member of the local Pukekohe Borough Council.

Today Sir William spends long hours overseeing numerous Landuse and subdivision consents, and shares his vast knowledge with the younger Surveyors, Planners and Engineers.

After work, he loves tending to the steers on his 25 hectare farmlet, or sharing his gardening and culinary skills with his children, grandchildren and greatgrandchildren.



Mark Hatten

Mark Hatten


027 237 1164



Mark Hatten
Business Development Manager

Mark joined Birch Surveyors in October 2018 as a Business Development Manager working primarily out of the Auckland Office. He completed a Surveying degree in Otago in 1994 and became a Licensed Surveyor in 1998. He then commenced a Masterate in Resource and Environmental Planning in 2000.  After graduating from Survey School he initially worked in Wellington before establishing a branch office in Auckland. For the previous 14 years Mark has worked as a principal for an Auckland firm where he obtained a wide experience in Land Development and infrastructural surveys. Mark's business and Land Development experience add additional strength to our leadership team as the Company moves forward into a new era of growth and development.

Angina Lal


07 834 0504



Angina Lal
Hamilton Branch Manager

Angina was employed by Birch Surveyors in July 2017 to manage the newly established Hamilton branch of the Company. She undertook professional study at Otago University from 1998 to 2001 and completed a Bachelor of Surveying in her final year. Her first 5 postgraduate years were spent working her in home country, Fiji for the Fiji Lands and Survey Department. Angina then returned to NZ and has been working in the wider Waikato region since that time.

Angina brings a wide base of experience to the Company with expertise in Planning, Civil Design and Land Transfer surveys. Her past professional experience extends to being a part time tutor at the University of the South Pacific, and being a past secretary of the Waikato branch of NZIS.

Outside working hours Angina and her husband are busy enjoying raising a young family.

Photo of Nick

Nick Hall

09 237 0782



Pukekohe Office Manager 

Nick has worked for Birch Surveyors since March 2004 when he completed a National Diploma in Surveying and later became a member of the New Zealand Institute of Surveyors. As a Senior member of the Birch team, Nick plays a key role in Project Managing many of the subdivisions and surveys from our Pukekohe office. He has particular experience in Countryside Living developments, Transferable Title developments and Environmental Lot Subdivisions.
Nick plays a key role in the mentoring of younger Surveyors and Planners. His role as Office Manager - Pukekohe reflects a broad knowledge of processes and procedures key to successful developments, and his experience in the working of the Company.

Away from work Nick loves to pursue his passion for off-road racing with considerable success at a national level. That is, when he finds time aside from pursuing many sporting activities with his active young family.

Ben Frank

Ben Frank

027 324 7347



Ben Frank
Tauranga Branch Manager

Ben completed a planning and surveying degree from Otago and commenced work for Birch Surveyors Limited in 2014. With a combined degree, Ben has a well rounded knowledge of Land Development issues, and has been undertaking project management roles from our Pukekohe and Auckland offices. In 2018 Ben was appointed as Auckland Office Manager, to provide leadership to the Auckland team, to ensure consistency in the team outputs, and ensure compliance with our Quality System.

In 2019 Ben relocated to Tauranga and now works closely with Mark Hatten, our Business Development Manager, to promote the Company in the wider Tauranga area.