Land Surveyors and Development Consultants

Are you looking for Land Surveyors/Land Development Consultants/Planners for your project?

We are a team of 25 enthusiastic and innovative Land Surveyors, Planners, and Civil Engineers with staff in Pukekohe, Auckland, Tairua, Hamilton and Tauranga. With over 30 years in the business, we have developed good relationships with, and work closely with contractors, architects, solicitors, housing companies, and local Councils. Successful land subdivision requires a great team of Surveyors, Engineers, and Planners who work cooperatively with you to obtain Council consents, manage your project, and survey your new titles as efficiently as possible. Lead by a team of registered professional Surveyors our Company has a 30 year history of successful land developments and subdivisions in Auckland, Pukekohe, North Waikato, Hamilton, Tauranga, The Bay of Plenty, Tairua and the Coromandel. We utilize modern technology such as GPS surveys and drone surveys to minimize costs and increase efficiencies. 

Whats new in Birch Surveyors.
We have recently appointed Kevin He, an experienced Licensed Cadastral Surveyor who is based in our Auckland office. Kevin will offer expertise in Land Development Engineering and Surveying, and also be assisting our graduate survey team. In Hamilton we are pleased to have recently moved into new premises in Clifton Road, Whitiroa. This provides additional opportunites for growth and is in a very pleasant ground floor location adjacent to Waikato Stadium with plenty of adjacent parking. Growth in the Auckland, Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions continues to drive land development and subdivision opportunities in these regions and our teams of Registered Professional Surveyors, Engineers, and Planner are here to assist you.

Are you looking for an exciting career opportunity?
We have some exciting positions available. Land Development is an exciting industry, and with the significant developments occurring between Auckland Hamilton, Tauranga and the Coromandel, it is a satisfying career to be involved with. If you are suitably qualified and looking for new opportunities, or are contemplating a career in Surveying, Engineering, or Planning, give a call to one of senior staff to discuss our Birch Surveyors can help you move in the right direction. Our employment page gives you more information on our career opportunities.

Do you need more information about land development and subdivision?
Contact our Registered Surveyors, Engineers and Planners In Auckland, Pukekohe, Hamilton or Tauranga for free initial consultations. If you prefer to read articles about land development and subdivision or subdividing land or want information on what services Surveying Companies can provide we have been publishing relevant articles in the local press and our website provides an index for the last five year’s articles and a link to the most recent article. Our webpages provide examples of land development projects, subdivisions, topographical surveys and property surveys

Securing a Topographic Survey in Auckland Made Easy
Before embarking upon a building project, understanding the land is essential, and a topographic survey in Auckland may be necessary. What should you know about this process?

Tips for Getting More Value Out of a Topographic Survey in Auckland
Begin by ensuring you make a strong choice in a professional partner.

  • Choose a provider equipped with the latest technology and the understanding required to put it into practice. There are many advanced tools today which make topographic surveying easier and far more accurate than in the past. When you require absolute certainty, choose a partner that can deliver.
  • Seek assistance without delay. Sometimes you may need a survey completed with urgency; finding the right provider can ensure you get value for your investment with quick and accurate results.

What You Can Expect from a Birch Surveyors Limited Topographic Survey in Auckland
At Birch Surveyors Limited, we are proud to provide easy access to this vital service. We deliver:

  • Diverse capabilities for addressing a variety of needs. No matter the reason you require topographic data, we can scale our services to meet your unique needs.
  • Innovative solutions for achieving the desired outcomes in the appropriate time frames. We understand the challenges and time pressures you may face and work to combat them with superior service.

Why Trust Birch Surveyors Limited with Your Topographic Survey in Auckland?
In continuous operation since 1989, Birch Surveyors Limited represents one of the most experienced and practised options for surveying in New Zealand. With personal service available to a wide range of professions, we make tackling even tough plots of land a simpler affair. Learn more about our services now.