Development costs

These costs are very dependant on the type of subdivision (urban or rural) and the range of services that need to be provided to the new sections and the extent of any earthworks required to create suitable sites.

In an urban setting these services will normally include roading, right of ways, power, telephone, stormwater, wastewater, water supply, and possibly gas supply.

In a rural setting these costs will generally include access to the sites which may include vehicle entrances from the road, provision for power and telephone to the boundary, site fencing and possibly fencing of protected areas.

Clearly the extent of these costs will dependant on what services are required and how easy it is to provide these services. The best way to determine and control these costs is to ensure that contractors provide estimates for providing the services and that the installation of these services are carefully controlled by written contracts.

Birch Surveyors Ltd will normally manage this part of the subdivision by acting as your agent and ensuring that the best possible prices are obtained for the work and that the contract and work is carefully scrutinized, and payment is authorized only on satisfactory completion of the work. This also ensures that the work is completed to Council's satisfaction and will be signed off by them.