Abatement notices

An abatement notice can be issued when you are undertaking an activity which requires a Resource Consent and you do not have one, or you are using a property for which a Resource Consent has been granted but you are not complying with some of the conditions of that consent.

The abatement notice will require you to cease the activity and if necessary obtain a consent or comply with the conditions of the consent, Failure to comply with an abatement notice can result in legal action being taken against you.

Abatement notices are unlikely to be issued without warning, and it is likely that Council will have discussed the noncompliance with you already. If not the first thing to do is discuss the issues with Council to ensure that you understand the problems and know how they need to be rectified.

There are then options to obtain a consent for the activity you are undertaking or discuss whether the existing consent needs to be modified by way of a variation to the conditions. Birch Surveyors have experience and expertise in managing these processes for you, and a call to our office is likely to save a lot of potential problems.