Countryside Living - Runciman


Countryside Living - Runciman


Countryside Living subdivision

Scope of Work

Planning approvals, Civil Works Design, LT Survey





This development created 30+ Rural residential lots in the Countryside living zone at Pukekohe East. This zone provided for Countryside living in an area with limited productive values, potential for high environmental gains throught the protection of land adjacent to waterways and native bush areas, and in close proximity to the urban centre of Pukekohe, while also gaining easy access to the Southern motorway.

The land is of an undulating nature, but with limited earthworks provides outstanding rural outlooks. There are a wide range of lot sizes created. The planning process required recognition of the environmentally sensitive areas, careful internal roading design to access the building sites, consultation with neighbouring owners who shared common right of way easements, and a challenging intersection upgrade onto a relatively narrow rural road.