Buckland Estate - subdivision expands Buckland Village


Buckland Estate - subdivision expands Buckland Village


Conversion of rural title to urban environment

Scope of Work

Noncomplying Rural subdivision consent, consultation, appeal negotiation, Engineering design, supervision, LT survey





Early in 1997 we were approached by the members of a family who had come into possession of a small rural holding in Buckland. Buckland is a small village approximately 5 kms South of Pukekohe. It consisted mainly of small village lots (zoned residential) commonly of an area of between 1000 and 2000 square metres. The village also had a rural school with an expanding roll, a Church, and a Community Hall. The property was NOT zoned for residential growth. It was separated from most of the village by the main road south on it's Eastern boundary and the NIMT railway on its Western boundary. There was one old villa located in one corner of the site and a few small stands of native and exotic mature trees.

Our brief was to obtain consent to subdivide the property into high quality residential lots with an average area of 1000 square metres. The design, lot sizes, Right of way design, protection of vegetation was developed through a reiterative process with the land owners. A comprehensive application was made and a commissioner hearing held to determine whether consent should be granted. Although the Council planner recommended refusal, as a result of carefully submitted evidence and submissions under the RMA, consent was granted.

There was significant community opposition to the proposal and during the process of consultation following an appeal and negotiation the numbers of lots was significantly decreased, and section sizes increased. The community concern was that the development would result in a low quality development and detrimentally affect the amenity values of the village. The amenity of the road frontage was protected by the creation of a narrow public reserve strip adjacent to the road which was appropriately planted, and now creates amenity adjacent to the road.

As can be seen in the post development photos, this development has resulted in a premium urban subdivision. All significant vegetation was retained on site and protected, and as far as possible a low impact design was created.