Topographic Survey in Hamilton

Choose Birch Surveyors for Your Topographic Survey in Hamilton

If you plan on building a housing development on vacant land or have a structure that’s eroding, you may need a topographic survey in Hamilton. Keep reading below to find out why we’re the right company for the task.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Topographic Surveys in Hamilton

Hire us to conduct your survey, and you won’t need to worry about the following problems:

  • Miscalculations: Some surveyors may miscalculate the height of certain elevation points due to malfunctioning equipment. Fortunately, you needn’t worry about this issue when working with us because we use the most sophisticated equipment available and always double check our work.
  • Boundary mistakes: A surveyor needs to accurately determine the boundaries of your land to conduct a thorough assessment. We know how to collect documentation and data to make sure this mistake never becomes an issue.

Signs You Should Invest in a Topographic Survey in Hamilton

If any of the following apply to you, you likely need a topographic survey:

  • You intend to build on vacant land: Our reports highlight the contours of your plot regarding elevation change, allowing you to plan your development accordingly.
  • Your building is eroding: We can identify where valleys and swells exist on your land that may be causing your structure to decay. Using the data, you can determine which solutions will eliminate the problem. For example, you may need to alter your drainage system.

Why You Should Use Birch Surveyors

If you want to work with a team of highly experienced team of surveyors that remain up to date with the latest industry innovations, you needn’t look further than Birch Surveyors. Find out why we’ve been a leading company in Hamilton for over 30 years by calling us today.