There are a lot of terms commonly used in the Surveying and Planning professions, and this page explains some of those terms in relatively plain English


The RMA page explains some of the more common terms used in the Resource Management Act, or which you may see referred to in the District Plan or resource consents.


The Surveying page explains some of the common expressions used in the Surveying profession, and explains the various types of Surveys that we undertake, some of our professional associations and some of our equipment.


The Titles page has an explanation of the some of the words used on titles or for the creation of titles, such as easements and related terms. It also explains some writing from my iPadof the different forms of titles.


The Measurements page defines a few of the most common units of measurements and the equivalent imperial and metric units. For conversions, use the Calculator link.


The Calculator opens a form to convert a number of different units of length to their equivalent in another unit of length. A similar calculator for area conversions is in the process of being created.