What will my subdivision cost

The costs of subdivision vary enormously, but there are four component parts affecting the costs. These are:

Council fees and charges

Council's fees and charges have two main parts. Firstly their fees for receiving and processing applications and processing the necessary certificates and documents once consents have been issued. The do this on a full cost recovery basis.

And secondly their financial contributions for permitting additional titles to be created. Financial contributions can be charged (under the Resource Management Act) to mitigate any effects of creating the titles, and Development Contributions (under the Local Government Act) to fund the effects of growth in the District. All these fees and charges are generally reviewed and amended on an annual basis.

Development contributions are becoming a significant cost in subdividing land, particularly residential and business land, and are likely to be of the order of 10% of the value of a new section, and can be between 30% and 70% of the total subdivision costs.