How can we help

Birch Surveyors Ltd staff and consultants have assisted clients with their subdivisions since the mid 1950's.

We can help you with any initial enquiries on whether you land can be subdivided, and can obtain the necessary consents and complete the subdivision process for you. We have published a very simple pamphlet that concisely explains the process of land subdivision. It includes many of the terms used in the Resource Management Act, which you will become aware of if you choose to subdivide your property. You can download the pamphlet by clicking download

The following competencies will ensure you receive expert advice, and that your subdivsion is completed to your satisfaction:

  1. The company have developed expertise in subdividing land, and have proven and independently audited systems in place to manage the process for you.

  2. We are familar with the provisions of various District and City plans, and have expert knowledge of the Resource Management Act.

  3. We understand the importance of developing good working relationships with Council staff.

  4. We have established sound working relationships with other consultants and contractors.

  5. We have an appreciation of the real estate market and an understanding of how sensible subdivision design can affect land values.

  6. The team can provide expert opinions on the likely costs of subdividing and provide you with written estimates of the costs.

  7. The team have expertise in managing land development subdivision construction projects, including contract preparation and management, physical works supervision, and reviewing contractors invoices before payment.

  8. Unlike other companies that have only Engineering expertise, we can obtain your planning consents, obtaining your Engineering approvals, oversee the construction work AND undertake the land transfer survey to ensure your titles are issued in a timely manner


If you are contemplating a subdivision or need more information than our website offers, then use the CONTACT US page to send an email, or give one of our offices a call. We are here to help you.