Resource Consents

How you are allowed to use your land is controlled by local Councils in their District or City Plans. We have provided some links (view District Plans) to the various District, City and Regional Plans in our area, where you can view how different local authorities have allowed or restricted the use of land. You can also view some explanations on the terminology that are used in District Plans (view RMA terminology).

A Landuse consent is required from your local Council whenever you wish to USE your LAND in a manner that Council has restricted. These activities vary from those a reduction in the distance between a dwelling and a boundary, to a reduction in the parking requirements for a business use, to more complex applications such as restaurants in rural areas.

Birch Surveyors team of Surveyors, Engineers and Planners in Auckland, Hamilton and Pukekohe Ltd have been assisting their clients to obtain Landuse consents in the District for over 20 years.

Why might you require our assistance?

1. You have been told by Council to obtain a Landuse (or Resource Consent) Consent for something you are doing or propose to do on your property, and dont know how to go about this.

2. You have no experience dealing with Council regulatory framework (bureaucracy!) and would prefer a professional team to manage this process.

3. The Landuse Consent is critically important to you or your business, and you can not afford to get it wrong, and the District/City Plan is not easy to follow.

4. You have no experience with the Resource Management Act.

We are experienced in assessing and interpreting District Plans and the Resource Management Act, and have established professional working relationships with Council planning staff. We will ensure we have a full and thorough understanding of the proposed activity and provide you with a professional assessment of what consents you may require. If an application is required then we will prepare this for you, work with Council staff and ensure you have the most appropriate and reasonable consent possible.

What do our clients say about us: Client feedback from Grant of Mayfair Pools. "I have found the team at Birch Surveyors both pleasant and professional to deal with. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services. They have taken all the difficulties out of the resource consent process for my business"