Survey and title records

Survey and title records are kept by Land Information NZ (LINZ). These records are copies of all surveys approved by LINZ (and their predecessors) and copies of all titles issued by LINZ, and are now stored in an electronic format. Landonline is the electronic gateway to these records. Click here to read more information about title information.

Survey records are the plans and data prepared by Registered Surveyors showing how surveys have been undertaken, old survey marks that have been found and used as part of a new survey, where new survey marks including boundary pegs have been placed, and calculations on how this information relates to new boundaries that have been created.

Historically this data was shown on coloured plans and often revealed interesting information about properties and sometimes insights into the Surveyors themselves. This information is now provided to LINZ in a digital format with significantly less information.

Title records are a collection of all the titles that have been created for land parcels. A title will show the title reference number (certificate of title (CT) number), the legal description, the owner of the property, the area of the title, the measurements of the boundaries, easements that affect the titles, covenants that restrict the use of the land, and any mortgages registered against the title.


Who can access this data?
Survey records and titles can be ordered from LINZ by account holders or by paying by credit card.
Birch Surveyors Ltd have online access to all LINZ records including searching functions to locate the relevant survey and title records. We utilize this facility on behalf of our clients, which enables data to be obtained almost instantly, and also provide searching facilities for people without access to Landonline