Mt Maunganui Street and Dune surveys


Mt Maunganui Street and Dune surveys


Topographic Surveys

Scope of Work

Detailed surveys of streets, services and sand dunes





Birch Surveyors Ltd have been providing detailed topographic surveying services of existing infrastructure around Tauranga City, for Tiaki Engineering Consultants.  We were lucky to survey areas like Marine Parade and the Mount main beach, as well as The Strand waterfront area for the Hairy Maclary upgrade.

This work involved careful management of health and safety in public areas, and careful control survey work to ensure the highest accuracy of the deliverable data at the end of the project.  Both GPS and Total Station were used to complete these surveys.

Below is a photo of Pat taking measurements of the sand dunes near Moturiki Island at the Mount main beach.

Surveying Dunes