The Warehouse - Pukekohe Subdivisions, Easements, Setouts


The Warehouse - Pukekohe Subdivisions, Easements, Setouts



Scope of Work

Fill monitoring, carpark easements, unit title surveys, site plan, site development advice





Subdivisions of business properties requires a different skill set than other subdivisions, particularly where there is significant shared areas for carparking, and many services that bisect shared areas. It is common for business subdivisions to be a combination of both freehold titles and unit titles.

Birch Surveyors Ltd have been involved in the Warehouse development in Manukau Road since it’s early inception. Our services have included:

  • Monitoring settlement rates on compacted fill
  • Setting out of services
  • Creation of easements for carparking areas.
  • Freehold subdivision of parent title for separate lots.
  • Unit title development of resulting titles.

The particular skills which our staff possess in working with business clients are:

  • An appreciation of business subdivisions through personal development and ownership of business sites.
  • A history of involvement in business developments throughout the region.
  • Business acumen and the ability to provide advise to businesses
  • Expertise in the creation of easements which suit the needs of business sites.
  • An understanding of the conditions that Council may impose.
  • An understanding of the criteria Councils use to assess these applications.