Seventh Day Adventist Church - Setting out building


Seventh Day Adventist Church - Setting out building


Building Setout/ topographical Survey

Scope of Work

Topographical Survey of site to aid design; accurate building setout to aid construction





The Drury Seventh Day Adventist Church recently completed their new building at Great South Road, Drury.  Birch Surveyors proudly provided surveying and precise building set out services to the developer.

This project involved completing a detailed topographic survey of an existing rural residential property, with accurate positions of all existing services, buildings, access and vegetation required by the architect.  The surveyed points had to be in terms of the existing survey datum in the area.  Birch Surveyors completed this part of the project with Leica total station and data recorder and provided the architect with digital DWG and hardcopy plans.

The architect then designed the building, parking area and stormwater treatment systems.  Following completion of the design, Birch Surveyors were then tasked with setting out the extents of the work pegs on the ground to ensure the earthworks were completed correctly.  Height datum was also required by the contractor due to critical stormwater levels.  Birch Surveyors used Leica 1200 series RTK GPS to set out the earthworks pegs.  Being experienced in land development engineering, the site surveyor was able to relay potential issues with the peg positions to the client and advise on suitable solutions.

Following the completion of the earthworks and construction of the building pad, Birch Surveyors were tasked with completing the final precise set out of the building corners and carpark.  This had to be done in a tight timeframe as the developer had two days between completing the pad earthworks and obtaining a sign off on the set out from Council building inspectors.  Birch Surveyors completed the work within the allowable time frame, carefully completing a stringent field Quality Assurance check to ensure the setout was within suitable tolerances.

The project proceeded to construction and we are now left with a fantastic facility for the Church and community.