Rosepark Subdivision


Rosepark Subdivision


Greenfield Residential development

Scope of Work

District and Regional Consents, consultation, LT survey, construction supervision





Rosepark was a greenfield urban subdivision completed in 2010. The site had a long history of market gardening (along with most parts of Pukekohe) and remained this way as urban development occurred around it. Market pressures eventually released the site for urban development. It was ideally located on the lower slopes of Pukekohe Hill, affording pleasant rural views to the North, and in close proximity to a well established primary school, and other urban services.

As with many greenfield developments in Pukekohe on land that has been extensively used for horticulture over many years, the soils were carefully tested for any pesticide residuals, and any hotspots removed offsite. As the land was of a gentle north facing orientation, very little earthworks was required to establish good building sites and suitable road gradients. The development was easily serviced by an extension of the surrounding infrastucture.