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Pukekohe Park


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Birch Surveyors Limited has been acting as Resource Consultants and Surveyors for Pukekohe Park and Counties Racing Club Incorporated for over ten years. The range of project has been diverse, reflecting the diverse nature of activities that occur at Pukekohe Park. Established as a thorough bred horse racing facility, it has been developed to include an international motor racing circuit and a premiere events centre.

As Surveyors we have called upon to survey the existing tracks, provide accurate marker posts for distances around the track, provide GPS coordinates of various locations, and provide as-built surveys of irrigation lines.

Our work on the motor racing circuit has included providing as-built plans of existing facilities including safety features, providing plans of the circuit, and assisting in the set out of new track alignments.

Our planning work for the Counties Racing Club has also been diverse, reflecting the strategic location of such a facility close to business and residential areas. In order to protect the longterm continuity of the motor racing circuit Birch Surveyors have been involved in the strategic establishment of a Noise Management Plan for Pukekohe Park. This was a club/Council initiated Plan providing certainty to all parties on the likely activities that would occur at the facility, the predicted noise levels for these events, and how the noise would be managed. Many aspects of the plan were incorporated into the Auckland Unitary Plan.

We also provide professional planning advice on Plan Changes and notified consents that have the potential to affect the activities at the club. Overtime a number of subdivision consents have been obtained to enable the Club to best utilize the significant land resource located within the facility.