Plan Change 21 - Plan Change for consortium of landowners


Plan Change 21 - Plan Change for consortium of landowners


Plan change - Rural fringe to Residential

Scope of Work

Prepare plan change document, prepare s32 analysis, design layout and services, prepare and present evidence, liaise with Council officer





This is the largest private plan change approved by Franklin District Council (now Auckland Council) in recent years which achieved a rezoning from Urban to Rural. The land was held in 5 separate ownerships and Birch Surveyors acted on behalf of those individuals as a joint venture. Together the properties comprised about 17 hectares of primarily pastoral land. Birch Surveyors role was to manage the entire project on behalf of the joint venture, commission third party reports for review, liaise with District and Regional officers, prepare and compile the application, manage the submission process, and prepare and present evidence to the Hearing Committee. The successful rezoning was a result of a well managed process, engaging with all relevant parties, and well documented processes. The outcome was the provision of suitable additional residential land on the outskirts of Pukekohe, and signficant added value to the properties.

Plan Change 21 Request was lodged with the Franklin District Council (now Auckland Council) in July 2005. The processes included consulting with the Auckland Regional Council (ARC) and Franklin District Council (FDC) as well as notification to all identified affected parties.

 The Plan Change Request was preceded by:

1. Comprehensive topographical surveys to enable integrated stormwater design and site limitations

2. Consultation with Council policy planners

3. Reiterations of urban design layouts to achieve quality urban environments, protection of sensitive environments, opportunities for a range of living environments, connectivity between open spaces.

4. Comprehensive Landscape adn Open space linkage studies

5. Traffic Impact Assessments

6. Soil Contamination reports

7. Pukekohe Growth studies

Following the successful approval of the plan change, development over the plan change area, proceeded as individual projects by the included landowners. Fortunately the landholdings were relatively large, and provided for comprehensive developments.