MultiUnit Housing Pukekohe


MultiUnit Housing Pukekohe


Terrace Housing

Scope of Work

Planning approvals, Civil Works Design, LT Survey





A futher stage to Plan change 21, was the acquistion and development by the Nichols Group of the Northern section of Prado Drive for intensive housing. This was proposed as part of the overall design during the Plan Change.

This development required an extension to the existing road and the extension of urban services. The site was then developed with a number of attached dwellings.  

Birch Surveyors were engaged as the lead consultant both for the planning work, civil design and civil work supervision, as well as the land transfer work.  

The final housing product typifies the newer housing styles of the latter part  of this decade. Sites tend to be smaller, which requires greater thought to design, but usually resulting in more efficient use of spaces. 

The resulting development makes the best use of the available land and will be a desirable place to live for generations to come.