Boiler Gully - Relocation of titles in bush and wetland setting


Boiler Gully - Relocation of titles in bush and wetland setting


Rural Subdivision

Scope of Work

Obtain consents, survey old titles, survey new covenant areas, design rural roading, supervise construction




Awhitu Peninsula

This project involved the relocation of six old titles over a 150 ha property into a more logical layout, large bush and wetland covenant area surveys, design and construction of roading to access building sites and servicing the sites with high voltage electricity and telecommunications.

Birch Surveyors designed the subdivision layout, obtained planning consents for the subdivision, completed detailed design of 1.8 km of rural roading and managed the construction of the road with the subdivision contractor.  Birch Surveyors also assisted with locating the route for overhead HV electricity lines through the rough terrain, liaising with local utility authorities from start to finish. 

Birch Surveyors completed the final boundary surveys which involved 1 km of stream boundary and numerous ‘limited as to parcels’ blocks which had never been surveyed accurately.

The terrain challenged our survey team who employed a variety of survey techniques and technology to complete the job on time.