Services to Builders/Building Companies

A builder will use the boundary pegs on a new residential site to establish the location of a new dwelling. If he can not find these pegs then he will engage a Surveyor to repeg the boundaries. Our Surveyors in Pukekohe and Auckland work closely with local builders and building companies and are aware of their time constraints, and can prioritize our work to complete these projects in a time effective manner.

A prudent builder will ensure that  they have the boundaries verified before building and many building companies engage us to set out the location of the corners of the building, rather than doing this themselves (in some cases, local councils require this from builders). In most cases the builder will have factored these costs into the costs of constructing the building.

Where building are located close to boundaries, the Local Council may require a Certificate from a Surveyor stating that the building is clear of the boundaries and/or sufficiently setback from the boundary to comply with the rules regarding the height of building in relation to the distance from the boundary (commonly known as a height to boundary certificate)