Other Services

There a many other surveys and services which are regularly provided by Birch Surveyors to their clients from the offices in Pukekohe and Auckland. These include:

  •  plans showing accurate contour and site features to assist with the design of buildings;
  • surveys to accurately set out the location of proposed buildings;
  • setting out the required floor levels when required by Councils;
  • re-establishing the boundaries of properties;
  • removing restrictions or limitations on titles;
  • surveying the location of new easements.

To ensure we provide the best possible service, we have acquired the latest technology, equipment and mapping software, and ensure our IT system and processes are maintained and renewed on a regular basis.

Many of these clients come to us with an urgent request, and we go out of our way to make sure these requirements can be met.

Please contact us with any of your survey needs..