Land Surveyors in Tauranga

Navigating Subdivision Challenges with Land Surveyors in Tauranga

Engaging the services of land surveyors in Tauranga is a necessary step for creating new subdivisions, but it shouldn’t be a difficult one. At Birch Surveyors Limited, we pride ourselves on providing the same high level of service and reliability we have for thirty years and counting. When you need to understand more about your land, we’re here to help you learn.

Problems with Land Subdivision Surveys in Tauranga Addressed by Birch Surveyors

The subdivision process itself can be involved. What are some of the common problems you may encounter, and how do we help you tackle them?

  • Rejections by the Council of submitted applications for a subdivision. While you may make every effort to ensure your initial application is in good order, the Council may reject it for any number of reasons, procedural, financial, and otherwise. As your Tauranga surveyors, we step in when this happens to review your application in depth and provide clear and concise advice on how to proceed for approval.
  • Delay in the execution of the survey. While applicants have a generous window of 5 years from the date of approval to complete a subdivision survey, conducting it sooner rather than later is ideal. We can proceed immediately at your approval to furnish you with the data necessary to obtain your 223 Certificate.
  • Complications in the process involving the need for additional survey work or research. For example, you may need to compile an application for a resource consent, or you may wish to know about the topography of the land in preparation for future works. Rather than contending with multiple contractors, Birch Surveyors makes it simple to deal with all these services under one roof.

With these roadblocks out of the way, we can proceed together to a better result.

What You Can Expect from Birch Surveyors as Your Land Development Consultants in Tauranga

Now, why partner with our team? Consider some of the key advantages we offer:

  • A tailored approach that takes every client's unique needs and the challenges of each task into account. Our experienced team has a broad base of understanding, allowing us to pair the appropriate team members to your account, ensuring that the right people are always at work on your project.
  • Innovative approaches implemented to seek the best outcome for your application. As well-versed Tauranga land surveyors, we understand the RMA inside and out. While we know precisely how to operate within its legal limits, we also possess valuable skills in innovative surveying solutions that aid you in achieving optimal outcomes.
  • Clear milestones and proper accounting of progress from start to finish. Our project management system makes it simple to stay "in the loop" with what's happening on your application. Progress reports, accessible data, and friendly staff make working with Birch Surveyors a pleasure.

What You Stand to Lose by Going Past Birch Surveyors Limited

With broad experience, a proven process, and respect for your time and investment, Birch Surveyors Limited represents an ideal choice for your requirements. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy transparent service focused with laser-like precision on meeting your needs during this process. To find out more about how we can help with your subdivision, contact us now.