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Create a Smart Property Development Plan with Coromandel Surveyors

When you hire Coromandel surveyors for assistance with a property development project, you are using them for more than just confirming the locations of property boundary lines. Certainly, property lines are an essential factor to consider when planning a property development—and thus an important piece of surveying. However, a surveyor’s role in a development project can and should be broader.

Key Questions to Ask Birch Surveyors and Our Land Development Consultants in Coromandel

At Birch Surveyors, we are a team of surveyors in Coromandel that regularly consults with land developers, builders, architects and others to help with property planning and building design. While we are happy to answer any questions, you might have about the services we provide, here are a few key questions that might help you get even more value from what we do:

  • ‘What do I need to know about land subdivision?’ Many projects we consult on involve the subdivision of property. We can help you navigate the complexities of this process, from titles to councils to costs to what you can and cannot do.
  • ‘How can I use my property’s natural features to enhance my project?’ Our land surveyors can outline locations of things like trees and water, as well as provide contouring to show topography. Planning your development to take advantage of these features can reduce costs (like by minimising cut and fill) and improve the attractiveness of your property (like by retaining trees and natural vegetation wherever possible). Birch Surveyors can help you create a smart urban design that protects the environment and provides a pleasant living environment.
  • ‘How am I allowed to use my property?’ What you can do with your property will depend on local councils and their district or city plans. Understanding these details—and knowing when you need to obtain a land use consent order to move forward with your project—is a must to ensure a successful development. Our land development consultants in Coromandel can advise on such matters.

Trends about Coromandel Surveyors You Should Know

Land surveying has changed a lot in the past 10 or 20 years, spurred by drones, ever-evolving software tools and more. Here are a couple of notable trends to consider as you look to hire a team of Coromandel land surveyors for your next development project:

  • Shifting technologies: The biggest trend in the land surveying world is almost always technology related. Right now, the talk of the industry is how drones have made aerial surveys more affordable and accessible, or maybe about other technologies like 3D laser scanning and sophisticated GPS tools. At Birch Surveyors, we strive always to stay up to date with the latest technologies, to ensure we are providing our clients with the finest services possible.
  • Sustainable planning: As mentioned above, many property developers are starting to think more about how their designs can protect the environment. Especially for residential developments, trees, vegetation and other natural features are seen by buyers as an asset. Land surveyors play a crucial role in helping developers incorporate these features into their designs.

About Birch Surveyors

Kevin Birch established Birch Surveyors in 1989. Birch comes from a family of surveyors and grew up watching his father do the same work that he does today—albeit, with different tools. This long history of surveying services and family values is what we are all about at Birch Surveyors. Contact us next time you require surveyors in Coromandel.