Car Rally

In March 2011, the Birch Surveyors Social Club (AKA Connie) organized a Car Rally for all staff and their families.
After lots of planning and organization, and a few test runs, we all toured around the Franklin area, getting lost, and testing our skills on a variety of tasks. Our golfing skills were tested at the driving range in Paerata, and our frisbee throwing and ability to bowl down cricket wickets at Colin Lawrie Fields. A very successful day was concluded with an enjoyable staff BBQ.
Below are some of the photos the staff took to verfiy their successful achievements at key points.

Salmons Family        Frisbee 
Wickets   Kevin
Terri Argus   Sue
Simon   Maggs Family
                         Bosgra Family         Aiden Hall 
                         Bill   Steve
                         Sam   Hall Family