Our Approach


Recognizing your individual requirements

We recognize that every individual has their own unique situation, and that every land development will be different from the one before. We therefore try to match your needs with appropriate staff and listen carefully to your instructions. And although there are rules and regulations that need to be complied with, we pride ourselves in being innovative and resourceful and always strive to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Fresh approach to the RMA

In many ways the Resource Management Act promised the delivery of sustainable outcomes and the rights to develop land where the environmental effects could be controlled. This fitted comfortably with our way of thinking. The Act has been subject to numerous amendments and the Act is constantly refined to fit with changing environments. Our approach to the RMA is firstly to ensure that we retain expertise in this legislation, and secondly that we vigorously fight for our clients rights under this legislation to ensure sensible, acceptable, and sustainable consents are obtained. Our record of obtaining Resource Consents under difficult circumstances has enhanced our reputation of achieving outstanding outcomes for our clients.

Unique project management system

Our innovative project management system enables complete and accurate identification of the status of all projects, and regular and thorough reviews of all projects helps to ensure all staff are aware of the progress that has been made, and the steps ahead. This enables more accurate reporting and communications on all projects, and creates efficiencies unique to Birch Surveyors.