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Background and core values

Kevin Birch first established his practice in Pukekohe in 1989, following in his father’s footsteps who had earlier established a Surveying business in Pukekohe in 1957. Kevin and his younger brother Derek grew the company from humble beginnings to a team of 12 in 1995. By 1999 the Company had outgrown three premises and a purpose built building was constructed at 2a Wesley Street, Pukekohe. This remains the base and Head Office of the Company accomodating 20 staff. The rapid and sustained development of Birch Surveyors Ltd has not occurred by chance. It is a result of well defined goals, hard work and a great team of professionals working together.

The Company has grown around core values of integrity, reliability, innovation and constant improvement. These values have helped define the direction and growth of the company and led to the adoption of the quality system which is ISO registered. It also resulted in the implementation of a proprietary management system which provides outstanding project management systems.

The establishment of other branches within the upper North Island (Auckland and Hamilton) has been a natural development of the Company, and facilitates the growth and diversity of the Company, while providing opportunities for staff to be located closer to their places of residence. It is also consistent with a desire of the Company to facilitate flexibility in the working environment, and recognizes the work-life balances that are important to staff.

Core Services - Subdivision speciality.

The backbone of the Company has always been a team of qualified hardworking Surveyors who bring together key skills in the disciplines of Land Surveying, Civil Engineering, and LandUse Planning. This naturally leads to the Company Specialising in Subdivision and Landuse projects. The Company has grown by the employment of qualified Planners and Engineers which has widened our areas of expertise, but our focus remains on subdivision.

Part of the community

The Birch family have been part of the Pukekohe and Franklin community since 1956. Both Kevin and his father, Sir William have served on local community Councils, school boards, community Trusts and service organizations. We are proud of the community that we live in and have helped develop. The Company and its employees enjoy being part of this environment, and we regularly provide support to local schools and community groups. Both Kevin and Sir William are Justices of the Peace and provide these services as required. 

Measuring Success

Like all businesses we need to make profits in order to meet our financial commitments, upgrade equipment , provide for growth, and hedge our business against market fluctuations. But equally important we measure the success of our business by the wellbeing of our staff and the difference we make to the quality of our living, business and natural environment.